Got my door locks to work! 67 Bus

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Got my door locks to work! 67 Bus

Postby Badnikl » Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:09 pm

I took off the passenger door handle of my 67 bus and took it to Don's Mobile lock here in Norman.
They made 3 keys and charged me $25 . I got lucky and the keys fit and worked the rest of the locks on the bus!

OK I know a locked up bus is really no challenge for someone wanting in, but hey, they are there, they might as well work, right?

The drivers door lock would actuate, but it would not lock. Upon further inspection, everything is just worn out and sloppy.

The door button is worn in the bore and the lock/stop is worn down so it allows the tang to go over the top of it.

I drilled a hole in the end of the tang, on the end of the button, and used a self tapping screw, this is easy as the tang appears to be pot metal.

I broke off the attaching ear from a junk electrical outlet, as this gave me a rectangle- washer. I put this on the end of the tang. This now hits the stop and can't go over it.

Now to get rid of the slop in the button.

I used a thick drinking straw and cut it about an inch long and then lengthwise. From the back of the button, I slid 2 "straw shims" into the barrel bore.
This worked very well and the slop was reduced a lot.

I know this will be something I will have to revisit, but for now, my locks work.

Why did I spend 2 hours screwing around on this project? It's what I do.
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