Hesitation and popping (posted by vdubjim)

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Hesitation and popping (posted by vdubjim)

Postby mandoclimber » Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:23 am

vdubjim May 31 2009, 06:07 PM Post #1

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Well lately my notch has had a slight miss, i thought might be carbd related since ive not really messed with them since i put them on.

Well im a simple kinda guy so i thought i will check ignition its easier..

I have the empi compufire/ignitor style ignition with the plastic disk 4 magnets on it. Well that mofo had nearly sawed through the power wire to the module! so out that came, points back it. rotor was all toasty so new one of those. cap was so-so, so new that too. when doing that i noticed that 2 of my plug wires werent 'clicking' into the cap. i have these high dollar bosch wires with angled boots specifically for type 3. The metal clips were shoved up into said boot and werent even in the cap! i guess just touching the top metal bits and making contact for that.

im going to take it out for a test this afternoon, and hope for the best.

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69GHIA May 31 2009, 06:18 PM Post #2
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Every thing is being made so cheap these days... Chinese made even bosch any more is getting to be crap. Bosch resently sold their rites to china as well. Are last order of spark plugs are no longer bosch but called pups; with bosch logo. Go figure... What's happeing to good quality parts?

hippy freek Jun 2 2009, 06:58 PM Post #3
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i dont think its just the chinese thing. ever since VW started cracking down on everyone for using their logo and anything else VW related everything just went down hill. i would rather pay the extra cash to get a good quality german part than a POS mexican part. Brazil is somewhere in the middle. and now the Chinese are in the loop. and even those parts arent cheap. just cheaply made.


69GHIA Jun 3 2009, 11:22 PM Post #4
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I agree give me N.O.S. any day of the week. If and when i get the chance i alway's buy/use german parts...
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