ignition problems check (posted by hippy freek)

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ignition problems check (posted by hippy freek)

Postby mandoclimber » Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:26 am

hippy freek May 17 2009, 09:51 PM Post #1
hippie freek

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ok just a little help for when you get stuck with starting problems. i was working on a 72 bug that i had problems with starting. i would turn the key and the gen. light would dim but i would get nothing from it. i checked the starter, no problems there. i put in a hard start relay and it didnt seem to help ( but it wont hurt to have one). i ohmed out the starter switch by pulling out the wire harness that has the RdBlk. Rd. BlkYlo.BrBL. and black wire. i could start the car by turning on the key and jumpering from the red/black wire that goes back to the starter (there is a connection between the Red/black and red wire going to the starter) using that T connection i jumped from that to the hot wires on the back of the fuse box. this is a good indication that you have wire problems in the front because this is a direct jump from the hot wire on the fuse box to the starter. if it doesnt try to start up here. then you have problems further back.
so i took the wires off and pulld the harness out and ohmed all the wires and everything was good. i put everything back together and it started fine. i dont know if i had a kinked wire or something but if your having problems just work your way back to the origin.


vdubjim May 17 2009, 11:34 PM Post #2

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Good advice indeed.
Perhaps a shorter method, use a screwdriver on the starter, if it turns then one can immediatly assume key or wire from it
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