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DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:36 pm
by gsxtasee
VdubJim invited me over here to talk to you guys a little about my new business. I have posted lots of the info on other sites and in the interest of my poor typing fingers, Imma cut n paste a few posts, ok? Please let me know what you guys think and any items you may like to see in the shop. PLEASE --> check a couple of the links I will include so u can see what questions have been asked and answered already please...


Hi guys. I am in the process of opening a DIY garage here in Midwest City where, for a small fee, you can work on your own cars using my lifts, tools, etc.. I am going to be offering air tools, drop lights, the whole nine yards. If you need anything besides the basic setup of tools that comes with the workstation rental, you simply check it out from the tool crib.

Let me know what you guys think.. I am also going to be the ONLY APR authorized dealer in the OK region, I will be offering VP Racing Fuels for sale along with other wares.. hours will be late morning to late night to allow you to work on your cars after work.. I'm thinking 11AM-11PM so all you street racers can come in and tune n tweak your car, throw in some race gas and the go out hunting HEHEHE.

If there are other areas I should be posting in or something like that just let me know.

current items slated to be available on opening day are:

air tools
climate controlled workstations
full compliment of hand tools (some need to be checked out)
WIFI and shop computer for when you get stumped and need to research.

MUCH MORE to come in the future as money comes in to justify more equipment purchase.. I will also have VAGCOM and VAG specific stuff available. I will be offering access to all the parts you can ever want but will not keep many on hand initially but if you want it, I'll help you get it.

Please let me know whatever I con do, offer, or have in the shop to make it more user friendly and help you do what you need to do to go faster, work more efficiently, or generally handle your business.

If you guys happen to like Skyline GTR's.. you might havce seen pictures of the one I parked under a Semi truck in Los Angeles.. I will be bringing out my backup rolling chassis R33 and build it as the shop starts to bring in enough money to support it... I am an old school hashiriya (street racer) and had a Galant VR4 drag car along with my R33 fr road course and lots of motorcycles.. let me know how i can be a contributor to your local community and I will do my best.

Thanks guys

the shop is tentatively going to be located on Air Depot just north of 10th in Midwest City. I am PROJECTING to be open March 1st but really shooting for Feb 14th or so... we'll see how fast I can move on this.

Might you guys be interested in having a meet or a GTG on my grand Opening day? I am asking for all the support I can get from various online communities so please help me get the word out and I will let you know when I have a SOLID opening date.
Edit/Delete Message

the shop is going to be called "The Shade Tree" for all you shade tree mechanics.

ok.. lots of questions and I'll try to address them under one condition.. you all use my shop as much as possible and spread the word to every board YOU are on so I can afford to A) keep this thing open and B) expand the operation. bare in mind that I will personally be taking NO DISBURSEMENT OR SALARY for myself until I have this place fully outfitted. that's right.. I won't make a DIME until the shop has all bays fitted with lifts and tools.

Also, I forgot to mention the shop will have full, free wifi as well as at least one computer workstation where you can look up things on the web to help you if you get stumped and I am looking into Mitchell online to see what type of fee structure they have and am considering offering that but computer will possibly be at an extra charge.

89S13-- Age will be subjective (gotta talk to the lawyer) but I am a big fan of family/younger people doing their own work since I was deprived this myself as a kid... I will likely allow 16+ with BOTH parents signatures on seperate, special waiver and you will have even MORE stringent rules like u cant operate the lift, welder, dangerous stuff.

Crash and burn--hours. yes I would consider expanded hours but only once the shop is making enough money to pay me back all I've invested and allow me to still make money after paying the salary and all the associated other expenses that come with having a staff (it's up to 10X +++ the hourly salary once it is all figured in!!).-- no you do not get your own walled in enclosure.. buy some headphones dude. and YES I will be offering paid work as well (only basic stuff cuz I dont want to work on YOUR car.. only mine LOL.. but seriously, I will be offering LESSONS to people who want to learn how to do basics like oil change, tune up, tire rotation/flat repair. ALso, paint is unlikely due to liability of idots in confined spaces, with flammable, deadly fumes.

91KA24--- yes, I technically own 2 R33s and yes, I am legit

Alan--- lets talk in the future.. I do plan to offer some positions but details are WAY out in the future so nothing in the near term

Xdriftur--- shop will allow overnight storage and there will be insurance on it and I am debating what the fee structure will be still as I dont have all solid numbers on my overhead etc. and there are parts runs from all local parts stores and junkyards if you forget a part or break somehting else in the process

R33 story is a LONG one and not on my agenda for now but it will be in the shop in the not to distant future for me to rebuild it and you are all welcome to come check it out.

Future plans after this place is making money instead of bleeding it include the opening of a custom SPECBUILT flagship location probably in Moore for central location to more people. it will hopefully include all basic operations in first store but also much expanded capability, more bays, alignment rack, wheel balancing and rotor lathes (more machinery possible), porting station, engine building clean room, maybe a Dyno, more classes on how to DIY more stuff but may include small fee if it is something that is costly to me and depending on feedback/demand from you. much more "specialized tools" for that random job you do once and it has a special $400 tool from the factory... stuff like that... PLUS ALL THE IMPROVEMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS YOU MAKE AT THE FIRST STORE SO i CAN KNOW WHAT YOU NEED AND WILL PAY TO USE. I cannot stress enough how much you really have control over my business offerings. bottom line is, IF you will pay for it and use it, and IF you tell me about it.. it will likely happen .

As you can see, I have put just a little bit of thought into this thing so if you guys could try n give me a little credit and not ask basic type questions I'd appreciate it.. all your questions will be answered VERY soon when I open my doors. I really do appreciate everyones feedback even if you are a little skeptical.. I know we have all gotten our hopes up one time or another over some jackhole promising stuff... but this is a little more detailed and a LOT ore effort than something someone fails at and quite frankly.. I dont fail so relax, and try to keep the suggestions coming. I can use help in these areas:

marketing --> GET THE WORD OUT (and where else can I look for people?)

ideas for stuff to offer you or things you DONT want to see

handing out fliers--> if you work somewhere and you can get your boss to post some fliers or cards for me at your location, LET ME KNOW.. if you want to help paper the area with fliers at every apartment building in the area, cars in malls or event venue parking.. whatever... help is always appreciated :)

HOOK UPS--> if you know someone selling something I can use in my shop, let me know and I might buy it (but Im a lowballer as I have a LOT to buy)

help get a HUGE weekend long meet/GTG setup for my Grand Opening weekend.. I will provide some music and a little food along with some minimal givaways.. you provide every car club, truck club, lowrider club, race crew, car nut, wrench bender, mechanic, and general breathing person you can find to come out and have a good time celebrating a wonderful addition to the community..

ALSO, if you DJ and wanna spin for us at the grand opening, feel free to hit me up.. I'm not paying but it cant hurt for you to play in from of a bunch of people.. there's no such thing as bad publicity.

well I am not esactly planning to invite random neighbors into the shop so the shop iteself has nothing to do with the "high crime area" it will be whatever YOU, the customers, make of it. I am renting to you a 'workstation'

so, you get a workstation with a tool set, a lift, a drop light and an air supply. each workstation consists of a bottom box on casters with a basic set of tools in a shadowboxed setup for easy monitoring for missing tools. As for people swapping shitty tools for my not as shitty tools, it could happen but that's why I am not providing snap-on to you guys. honestly I would LOVE to do that but I am not that naive. If you need any further tools or anything advanced or specialized stuff, u check it out from me. if you are doing a job u know requires a special Factory tool or something like that, give me a heads up and I'll get it for u.

there will be some theft, I have no doubt about that. and to be Honest.. I am hoping that the car ENTHUSIAST community can be enough of a client base so I dont have to have a bunch of shady fuckers in there stealing my sheit.. I would like to think that you guys would be happy enough to have this service made available to you that you would respect it and help keep it running smoothly rather than to steal a freakin $3 socket to replace the one u lost.. and end up causing me to close my doors and u loose access to a lift.. but hey.. u got ur socket tho, huh?? u feel me on that?

I would PREFER if I could keep this place FILLED with you guys working on ur project cars and DD's etc and have u guys respect the place but that is unrealistic to expect so I am marketing to a MUCH larger crowd.. u guys show me that the racers n show cars, n drifters, etc can and will put their money where there mouth is and I WILL build u the baddest ass shop you have ever seen.. and it will ALL be accesible to u.

I already have plans for a HUGE flagship location in Moore once this place is making enough money to justify having an employee and still make some money for me.

we'll see how this turns out... as long as I have been into cars EVERY one says stuff like "man, if I could use a lift then xyzprq....." and "I'd TOTALLY pay to use a lift and have a shop...." well, here's your chance to prove it.. use this place and it will be returned to u. I am not taking a DOLLAR out of this place for myself. every penny will be reinvested to make it better faster.. lets see where we can go with this.

Re: DIY Garage opening in WMC

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:24 pm
by gsxtasee

Just got approval of ALL the ammendments to the lease I was pushing for!!! Why you might ask?... CUZ IM A BADASS!!!!! I am handing over financial info today and probably signing lease tue/wed next week.


Just secured a 10x10 spot at Import Face-Off in Noble. I will be there with the requisite crew of young hotties to hand out fliers and just generally have a presence... any more suggestions fellas?

Re: DIY Garage opening in WMC

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:20 pm
by mandoclimber
Very cool glad to see someone have the ability to open this type of shop up!!! Thanks for sharing... FYI since your an old school racer you might want to check out Hallet Speedway... good times... and yes you can run your car there....

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:16 am
by vdubjim
let us know when the grand is

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:54 pm
by gsxtasee
OK the lease is 100% approved and I meet on Monday to sign the lease and the insurance was approved to day and I sign it on Monday as well so as of TODAY everything is 100% a GO!!! I am definitely at teh location I wanted and I am working with vendors all next week to get my equipment in there starting on the 1st. If I have the place together in time I will have the Grand Opening on the 13-14 weekend and it'll be an all weekend event.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:55 pm
by vdubjim
cool gluck!!
That up by the tow truck place?

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:59 am
by gsxtasee
it is first left after u pass 10th on Air Depot before u get to McConnells

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:25 pm
by vdubjim
Finally made it by there tonight.

all i can say is WOW.

Had TONS of tools, the GOOD stuff.

5 lifts, i think? maybe more.

Bunch of consumables in stock and good prices, PB blaster, Oil, carb cleaner etc....

He has a website up with pics.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:02 pm
by Mason
Stopped in today to press some ball joints in for my f250 all I can say is great place with excellent service and tons of tools and reasonable rates.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:43 am
by GaryL
Where is this place? I want to take some small parts in for some media blasting time.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:55 am
by vdubjim
the shop is tentatively going to be located on Air Depot just north of 10th in Midwest City. I am PROJECTING to be open March 1st but really shooting for Feb 14th or so... we'll see how fast I can move on this.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:29 pm
by GaryL
OK, that helps, but is he on the east or west side of Air Depot? Big sign out front? I make it a point to avoid MWC as much as possible, so I'm not too familiar with what all is there.

Re: DIY Garage opening in MWC

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:35 am
by vdubjim
really gary?
use the internets!

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