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Unique China Car

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Unique China Car

Postby derbug » Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:36 pm

I have been in China since Sept 10, but will be back in the
states/Oklahoma Oct 21.
Really had not planned on going so early in the fall, but
circumstances ....anyway really missed on a lot of fall
VW car shows :(
I cannot access facebook over here, but I thought I would post this car.
I have many more on my camera, Chinese manufactured cars and
motorcycles one does not see in the USA
I will post them in facebook, when I get back....
This is my 6th trip to China, and I have never seen an
air cooled VW in all of my trips. The VW Jetta is used
for Taxi's over here. There are water cooled, upgraded models, owned by
private owners, with different model names than one would see
in the USA. There are a lot of Chinese manufactured cars over here,
that appear to be as big and lugubrious as our cars in the USA. The majority
of the American, Japanese and Chinese cars over here are manual trans....even
USA cars that one cannot get a manual trans in the states(Buick) the Chinese
really do trust auto trans....all taxi's are manual trans
The one I am going to post is smaller than a Smart Car
one center driver's seat(for one only) with centered
steering wheel....this car is electric
a: Ying He
C u all in about 16 days
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Re: Unique China Car

Postby vdubjim » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:41 pm

Cool stuff!
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